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At Urgence Physio, we offer a multitude of treatments so that we can take care of you in the right way.


Physiotherapy is a health discipline that addresses functional limitations from injuries or diseases that affect muscles, bones, joints, lungs, blood vessels, the heart, and also the nervous system. The physiotherapist assesses, diagnoses and treats these limitations. The latter uses various treatment modalities, such as electrotherapy (TENS), heat therapy (heat), cryotherapy (ice), ultrasound, manual techniques and exercises according to the different cases. All of these interventions focus on customer self-empowerment. These will allow everyone to acquire the physical abilities necessary to resume their leisure, sports or social activities, as well as to facilitate the accomplishment of a job or tasks on a daily basis.



Osteopathy is a health profession that cares for the whole person. It is an exclusively manual approach that considers the subject as a whole. In other words, all systems of the human body are interconnected. The goal of the osteopath is to restore all body structures and functions so that the body can return to its state of natural equilibrium (homeostasis). With extensive knowledge of human biology, anatomy and physiology, and a fine and precise palpation, the osteopath is able to make a comprehensive assessment to identify possible causes for neurological, musculoskeletal and visceral dysfunctions. Thereafter, an individualized preventive and / or curative treatment will be recommended by promoting the self-healing and self-regulating functions of the body.



The word kinesiology comes from the ancient Greek kinesis (movement) and logos (study). It is a science that studies the movement of the human body. The kinesiologist is the health professional, with a university degree, specialized in physical activity. It uses movement and exercise to prevent or treat health problems or chronic illnesses, as well as to improve sports performance. Whether it is to manage your high blood pressure, your diabetes, recover from an injury, manage chronic pain, increase your energy level or reduce your stress, the kinesiologist is the professional to supervise you in your approach to fitness . Following an initial assessment, the kinesiologist will be able to build a personalized exercise program tailored to your condition that you can practice at home or under supervision at the clinic



Although osteopathy and physiotherapy share the same healing goal, they do not have the same approach or philosophy. Osteopathy considers the body as a whole when it seeks the origin of a pathology. Well-being depends on the balance of several systems (musculoskeletal, visceral, ...) that interact and influence each other. The osteopath is often consulted first, as he is trained to diagnose whether the patient can be helped with this approach or reoriented. A consultation with an osteopath can be both curative and preventive.



Occupational therapy is a health profession that affects the elements surrounding occupation and activity. The occupational therapist promotes the autonomy and the security of the person in the execution of his occupations and his significant activities. The occupation is divided into 3 areas: personal care, productivity and recreation. The occupational therapist takes into consideration not only the person (his physical abilities and his cognitive deficits), but also the obstacles of his environment and the demands of his occupations. The goal of this health professional is to promote the commitment and performance of the individual in their personal care, work and leisure activities. This is done through rehabilitation (exercises and simulations of tasks), education and adaptation of the physical environment. In addition, the occupational therapist evaluates and analyzes activities in which people have limitations. Subsequently, it determines precisely which interventions to prioritize according to the needs and the physical and mental condition of the person.



Massage therapy is a set of manual techniques that aim to treat and prevent pain, injury or other bodily dysfunction that can occur in people. A massage can be performed both at the preventive level and the therapeutic level. The massage is safe and adapted to the client's state of health. During the first appointment, the massage therapist will take stock of your overall health and determine the massage technique adapted to your needs. There are many benefits to therapeutic massage. It includes relief for back pain, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, increased body awareness and reduced anxiety.


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